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Product customized service

Minimum order of 1 piece! As a leading claw machine supplier and capsule machine manufacturer, we are committed to meeting the requirements of our customers and support a wide range of customization services:

(1) Appearance:
We support color, logo, and sticker customization and appearance design;

(2) Internal structure:
The internal structure can be modified according to functional requirements;

(3) Software and intelligent upgrade:
Software functions can be modified according to your requirements:cell phone remote checking, remote data setting, customized remote viewing of machine status, etc;

(4)Payment method:
Payment methods can be customized according to your requirements.

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 Appearance Customization:
Supports color, logo, and sticker customization,appearance design;


Internal Structure Customization:
The internal structure can be modified accordingto functional requirements;


Software Customization and Intelligent Upgrade:
Remote account checking on mobile phones, remote data setting, etc


Payment method customization:
Payment methods can be customized according to your needs.

Create custom machines to perfectly embody your ideas

Crane Claw Machine

Capsule Machine

Our Advantages

KEKU TECH’ s service operation center is based on independent design, research, and development. For 20+ years, we have focused on developing and producing crane claw machines, capsule machines, doll house operations, and sharing equipment operations.
We are one of the leading claw machine manufacturers and gashapon machine suppliers. Our crane machines and capsule machines are exported to dozens of countries, including the United States, Australia, France, Russia, Malaysia, Brazil, Kazakhstan, and others, and they have received praise from users!


26 years of exprience

A strong, cooperative advanced technology and experienced team advanced technology


Independent researchand development

The self-research and development technology is controllable, and the system is more stable and guaranteed after sale

Source factory

Source factory

Quality assurance, flexible customization, price advantage

Accept customization

Accept customization

Services or products that are customized or personalized according to the needs of customers



Remote account checking on mobile phones, remote data settingCustomization for remote viewing of machine status, etc

One-stop shop operation

One-stop shop operation

All In One Theme Shop Profitable Solution

R&d innovation spirit

Own R & D team, independent innovation to solve customer problems

Perfect after-sales service system

Establish and standardize after-sales service standards

Best-selling Crane Claw Machine and Capsule Toy Machine

KEKU TECH is a leading claw machine supplier from China. For 20+ years, we have focused on crane claw machines and capsule toy machine R&D, and many overseas entertainment venues use our products. As a top Chinese claw machine manufacturer, we offer professional development and production services for crane claw machines, capsule machines, doll house operations, and shared equipment operations. 

We know that short lead time, cost-effectiveness, and flexible customs are the key criteria for choosing a claw machine and capsule machine company, so KEKU TECH are unparalleled.
Here are our hot products below. Feel free to contact us!

Capsule Toys Machine – Capsule Castle

If you are looking for wholesale gacha toy machines, our Capsule Castle is the cost effective choice.

  • Full Metal Shell, 350 cm height
  • 4-Seater accessibility
  • Lighted top and bottom
  • Storage for more than 1,000 120 mm capsules
  • Featured gashapon machine for sale

Ball Claw Machine – CRAZY PARTY 2.0

As a top Chinese claw machine manufacturer, CRAZY PARTY 2.0 from KeKu is perfect for shopping centers, playgrounds and street markets.

  • Full metal casing
  • The purple and white color scheme of the
  • Lighted Crane Claw machine
  • Five holes in the center of the capsule.
  • Automatic opening of the gift window.

Claw Crane Machine – YUJIANCHAO 4 Players Mini 1.0

Click to learn more about Chinese claw machine and our YUJIANCHAO 4 Players Mini 1.0, ideal for malls, playgrounds and street markets

  • Mini crane machine for kids
  • LUNGSENGDA main board Plus & crane
  • 27 LCD display screen
  • Allows 4 people at the same time to use it
  • Can be customized

Gacha Vending Machine – Capsule Toys Machine 6.0

We have a large selection of gashapon machine for sale, and the KEKU TECH Capsule Toy Machine 6.0 is very popular among young children!

  • Novelty capsule machine for children
  • Perfect for malls, playgrounds, and street markets
  • Six-person design
  • size is small, with less space occupied
  • Payment options: coin, bill, e-payment, card reader

Gacha Vending Machine – Capsule Toys Machine 2.0

KEKU TECH is a trusted Chinese manufacturer of gashapon machines, and our Capsule Toy Machine 2.0 is one of the best sellers.

  • Mini body, small space occupation, easy to transport
  • PCB boards are innovative and can be guaranteed.
  • PVC cube appearance, with colorful lights and music
  • Different capsule shapes are available
  • Remote control by cell phone

Claw Crane Machine – YUJIANCHAO Cool Version

Maximize your benefits by purchasing Chinese claw machines from KEKU TECH!

  • Metal + wood for better body strength and practicality
  • Round prize exit comes with storage space
  • Full LCD console
  • Game modes selectable safety mode, height mode, claw mode
  • Remote control by cell phone


Professional company team and fun company daily

Love work, love life we

Since its establishment, the company has paid special attention to the construction of corporate culture, and always believes that only with a good cultural atmosphere

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About Us

Guangzhou Keku Animation Technology Co., Ltd ., also known as KEKUTECH, is a renowned claw machines and capsule toys machines supplier in China. Based on independent design, research, and development, as well as the service and operation center, we focus on the research, development, and production of crane claw machines, gashapon machines, tide play doll house operations, and sharing equipment operations.

KEKU’s core team was founded in 2008, officially registered in 2015, and headquartered in Panyu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province; the company covers an area of 3,500 square meters, with a total of 200 employees, has been named Chinese high-tech enterprises, the Guangdong Province to abide by the contract and trustworthy enterprises, has won 41 national patents, 48 registered trademarks, and other certificates.

KEKU adheres to the “cool technology, activate life” corporate philosophy and the development concept of “focus, innovation, efficiency, quality and win-win” KEKU is committed to building a leading smart business service provider.

We are currently cooperating with customers all over the world. The main customers are KFC, NetEase Onmyoshi, Wanda Cinema, Fengyun again, big players, Misue Ice City, clamp machine account, city password, bubble Matt, and hundreds of other well-known brands. Meanwhile, we are the Chinese claw machine and capsule machine manufacturer for large shopping malls in dozens of countries, such as the United States, Australia, France, Russia, Malaysia, Brazil, Kazakhstan, etc., and are trusted by our partners!

Sales Supporting Team

There are reliable sales supporting team with good knowledge of factory and business, please feel free to contact us directly,we will response your inquiry ASAP.


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Mobile:+ 8613826061439
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Position: marketing director

Our Certificates

Professional design team to make a unique style playground to help you stand out. OEM/ODM is highly welcome.

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We have been a professional Claw machine and Capsule toys machine supplier for 20 years.

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