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Claw Crane Game Machine

Over the last few years, our company prides itself on a team of advanced technologies, ensuring high-quality to excellence. Presently with the desire to expand our business, we’ve got decided to extend business to overseas market. The world is our market – this claw crane game machine will be supplied globally to Southeast Asia, West Africa, United States, New Zealand, etc. We will continually strive to improve our service, precision in execution defines our work, we rooted on credit rating and trustworthiness for growth. Let us cooperate hand in hand to make a good future. Browse our online website and contact us to see what we can do for you. We are committed to improving production quality and efficiency continually for your satisfaction we are open to discuss on product improvements and customization is possible all products have passed professional certification. We are looking forward to cooperating with you and providing our best services for you, as well as our claw crane game machine, Crane Claw machine, Capsule Machine. Owning a factory and top-notch technologies, Keku Tech always offers unmatchable claw crane game machine worldwide.


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Claw Crane Game Machine Cut Down Cost

Get ready for a thrilling adventure with the Claw Crane Game Machine! This innovative gaming device, developed by Keku Tech, brings the excitement of claw machines right to your fingertips. With its state-of-the-art technology and customizable features, this machine guarantees an unforgettable experience.

Keku Tech: Pioneers in Gaming Technology

Keku Tech is at the forefront of gaming technology, constantly pushing boundaries to create cutting-edge products. The self-researched and developed technology used in our Claw Crane Game Machine ensures complete control over the system’s stability and reliability. Our commitment to quality extends beyond purchase – we provide exceptional after-sales support to guarantee customer satisfaction.

With remote account checking on mobile phones and customization options for remote viewing of machine status, Keku Tech offers unparalleled convenience. Whether you’re at home or on-the-go, you can easily monitor your machine’s performance and make necessary adjustments from anywhere.

In March 2024, Keku Tech showcased their impressive range of claw machines and gachapon machines at an exhibition in Dubai. This event allowed us to demonstrate our dedication to innovation while connecting with enthusiasts from around the world.

A World of Fun with Claw Crane Game Machines

The Claw Crane Game Machine takes entertainment to new heights. Its captivating gameplay keeps players engaged as they try their luck at grabbing exciting prizes. With intuitive controls and realistic mechanics, every play feels like a genuine arcade experience.

To celebrate surpassing monthly sales of 3,000 units in autumn 2023, all employees came together for a special event organized by Keku Tech. It was a testament not only to our success but also our commitment towards creating memorable experiences for both customers and employees.

Unleash Your Inner Gamer

On July 30, 2020, Guangzhou Keku Animation Technology Co., Ltd. achieved a significant milestone by being listed on the China Guangdong Equity Exchange Center with equity code 892679 Panel. This recognition further solidifies our position as industry leaders in gaming technology.

A Conclusion Worth Grabbing

The Claw Crane Game Machine from Keku Tech is more than just a game – it’s an immersive experience that brings joy and excitement to players of all ages. With its advanced features, exceptional quality, and commitment to customer satisfaction, this machine is sure to be a hit at any arcade or entertainment venue.



This is full metal, purple and white match, Light surround crane claw machine,looks more beautiful Doll capsule combination, not out of the doll will be capsule, to ensure that players have gifts in each game, more attractive players It’s perfect for shopping malls, playgrounds, and street markets


Standby Power140W
Running Power166W
Running Voltage110V/220V
Doll size4-9
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YUJIANCHAO Cool Version For 2 players

2 players position is higher land efficiency, blind box, gift, plush can be put, 2 swing doors access to storage cabinet.Full LCD control console, imported acrylic is not only beautiful, but also make operation simpler.


Standby Power210W
Running Power390W
Running Voltage110V/220V
Doll Size5-12″
ColorPale Purple
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YUJIANCHAO Luxury Version For 2 players

Full metal body case,all-round to show prize,Cyberpunk purple for outstanding luxury looking.Very popular with young men and women, It’s perfect for shopping malls, playgrounds, and street markets.


Standby Power270W
Running Power450W
Running Voltage110V/220V
Capsule Diameter5-12″
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KeKu Baby 5.0

The 1st machine in the world can be shifted in multi-modes freely: coin machine, crane claw machine cattle trick machine are optionally equipped for the upper; capsule, card, candy vending machine can be optionally equipped for the lower.


DimensionW1200*D530*H1920mm 3 units in a set
Weight165KG 3 units in a set
Standby Power450W 3 units in a set
Running Power480W 3 units in a set
Running Voltage110V/220V
Capsule Diameter32-65mm
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YUJIANCHAO 4 Players Mini 2.0

This popular children’s mini crane claw machine has a bright and attractive appearance that appeals to customers. It’s perfect for shopping malls, playgrounds, and street markets. The four-person design can accommodate multiple users simultaneously, resulting in a four fold increase in revenue.


Standby Power230W
Running Power345W
Running Voltage110V/220V
Doll size4″
ColorPale blue
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KeKu Baby 4.0

The 1st machine can play with capsule & card together in the world


Standby Power120W
Running Power135W
Running Voltage110V/220V
Capsule Diameter32-65mm
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Claw Crane Game Machine Cut Down Cost


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More About Claw Crane Game Machine

Greetings from Keku Tech, have a look at the most unparralleled claw crane game machine here! Keku Tech has a long history and experience of providingclaw crane game machine, which means we are knowleadge and senior. With a lengthy track record in this market, we have developed a substantial workforce, operate a spacious factory, and sustain a strong monthly production output. Our claw crane game machine are excellent. We uphold top-tier quality standards by implementing strict testing benchmarks, adhering to standardized production processes, and maintaining a robust quality management system for our claw crane game machine. Moreover, as a senior, we have a lot of experience of claw crane game machine and have gain great reputation. We work in conjunction with a multitude of associates hailing from diverse nations. Our primary sales regions extend to nearly every part of the world. We always believe that your request is our command!If you are looking for a strongly competitive partner, consider us right now!


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