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Claw Machine Sale

We look ahead for your cooperation sincerely. Feel free to contact us for free quotes and any question you have. We are looking forward to cooperating with you and providing our best services for you, as well as our claw machine sale, Crane Claw machine, Capsule Machine. Presently with the desire to expand our business, we’ve got decided to extend business to overseas market. The world is our market – this claw machine sale will be supplied globally to Southeast Asia, West Africa, United States, New Zealand, etc. We’ve been honest and open up, innovation is our soul and spirit, putting you first is our mission. As a reliable and professional company, Keku Tech partners with skilled tech teams and offers the best solutions as well as claw machine sale to global customers. Our R&D team has extensive experience to provide you expert support, feel free to tell us your special requests or concerns, each product has met the standards required for professional certification. Through recent years, our factory leads the industry for cutting-edge technologies, exceeding the industry standard.


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Claw Machine Sale Cut Down Cost

Looking for a claw machine sale? Look no further! As a writer at Keku Tech, I’m here to guide you through the process of choosing the perfect claw machine for your needs. With over 20 years of experience in house operations and sharing equipment operations, Keku Tech is your trusted source for high-quality claw machines.

Keku Tech: Your Reliable Partner

At Keku Tech, we pride ourselves on our self-research and development technology that ensures our claw machines are controllable and provide a stable system. Our after-sale service guarantees peace of mind as we offer remote account checking on mobile phones and customization options for remote viewing of machine status.

In fact, from March 5 to March 7, 2024, our company participated in an exhibition in Dubai where we showcased our top-notch claw machines and gachapon machines. This demonstrates our commitment to innovation and excellence in the industry.

To celebrate the monthly sales of over 3,000 units of our claw machines, we have some exciting offers lined up just for you!

The Perfect Claw Machine for You

When it comes to choosing a claw machine during a sale event like this, there are several factors to consider:

  • Type: Determine whether you prefer a traditional crane-style or modern electronic-style claw machine.
  • Size: Consider the available space where you plan to install your new arcade game. We offer various sizes suitable for different locations.
  • Pricing: Take advantage of special discounts during this sale period while ensuring that it fits within your budget.
  • Durability: Our claw machines are built to last, ensuring long-term enjoyment for you and your customers.
  • Prize Capacity: Choose a machine with the right prize capacity to keep players engaged and excited.

By considering these factors, you can find the perfect claw machine that meets your requirements and guarantees hours of fun for everyone!

The Ultimate Entertainment Solution

A claw machine sale is an excellent opportunity to enhance any space. Whether it’s a family entertainment center, arcade, or even a retail store looking to attract more foot traffic, our claw machines are sure to captivate people of all ages.

In addition to their entertainment value, our claw machines also offer potential revenue streams through token systems or pay-to-play options. This makes them not only enjoyable but also profitable investments.

Your Journey Begins Now

With Keku Tech’s exceptional range of high-quality claw machines available at this special sale event, there has never been a better time to bring excitement and joy into your establishment. Don’t miss out on this opportunity – start exploring our selection today!



This is full metal, purple and white match, Light surround crane claw machine, looks more beautiful With a surprise gift window, you can get the key to open the lock, more eye-catching It’s perfect for shopping malls, playgrounds, and street markets.


Standby Power145W
Running Power170W
Running Voltage110V/220V
Doll size4-9″
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Capsule Toys Machine 2.0

This is the most popular capsule machine in 2024, the quality is good, the appearance is bright and attractive, attracting customers. It’s perfect for shopping malls, playgrounds and street markets. The two-person design can accommodate multiple users at the same time, thus doubling revenue.


Standby Power110W
Running Power125W
Running Voltage110V/220V
Capsule Diameter35-55mm(upper),55-70mm(lower)
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YUJIANCHAO Freedom Version

Metal + wood to enhance body strength, equipped with neon cubical frame lights

Double acrylic prize display on the back, abundant lights to show prize facial attractiveness

Super storage space is suitable for 4-5 pack of plush toy


Standby Power150W
Running Power240W
Running Voltage110V/220V
Capsule Diameter5-12″
ColorPale Green
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Capsule Toys Machine 4.0

This is the best selling capsule machine in our company. Its bright and attractive appearance attracts customers. It’s perfect for shopping malls, playgrounds and street markets. A four-person design can accommodate multiple users at the same time, resulting in a four-fold increase in revenue.


Weightaround 63KG
Standby Power72W
Running Power100W
Running Voltage110V/220V
Capsule Diameter110V/220V
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YUJIANCHAO Youth Version

This is Full metal body case, strong & durable, transparent body, beautiful & tasty outlook crane claw machine . Has a bright and attractive appearance that appeals to customers. It’s perfect for shopping malls, playgrounds, and street markets.


Standby Power150W
Running Power270W
Running Voltage110V/220V
Doll Size5-12″
ColorPale Purple
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YUJIANCHAO Central Island Machine

This is a large central crane claw machine, which can be applied to the central place of the site, and the four directions of the game can be played in the four doll machines, with atmospheric appearance and reliable quality. The top of the machine with 3D cubical overhead cover with high gloss luminous characters, very beautiful atmosphere


Standby Power390W
Running Power550W
Running Voltage110V/220V
Doll size5-7″
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Claw Machine Sale Cut Down Cost


Lol Surprise Claw Machine

  Lol Surprise Claw Machine We make great efforts to achieve this win-win situation, innovation is our soul and spirit, we adhering to the business philosophy of ‘customer first. We

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Candy For Claw Machine

  Candy For Claw Machine We are looking forward to cooperating with you and providing our best services for you, as well as our candy for claw machine, Crane Claw

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Christmas Claw Machine

  Christmas Claw Machine As a reliable and professional company, Keku Tech partners with skilled tech teams and offers the best solutions as well as christmas claw machine to global

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Human Claw Machine Orange County

  Human Claw Machine Orange County Good quality is factory’ existence, we champion innovation and integrity, we rooted on credit rating and trustworthiness for growth. We are looking forward to

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More About Claw Machine Sale

A warm welcome from Keku Tech, have a look at the most the best choice claw machine sale here! Keku Tech has a long history and experience of providingclaw machine sale, which means we are effective and qualified. Our long-standing presence in this market has resulted in us having a substantial workforce, an expansive factory, and an impressive monthly production capability. Our claw machine sale are top-notch. Quality assurance is at the core of our operations, with strict testing standards, standardized production processes, and comprehensive quality management in place to safeguard the excellence of our claw machine sale. Moreover, as a qualified, we have a lot of experience of claw machine sale and have gain great reputation. We have partnerships with a plethora of collaborators from numerous countries. Our primary sales areas encompass virtually all corners of the globe. We always believe that your request is our command!If you are looking for a creaive companion, consider us right now!


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