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Since its establishment, the company has paid special attention to the construction of corporate culture, and always believes that only with a good cultural atmosphere can there be better quality work results and better service to customers; Let everyone work hard at the same time, but also relaxed and happy, with food, recreational activities and other ways to be happy and encourage everyone to continue to move forward; Organize various types of activities regularly to enrich the life of employees, promote communication between employees and colleagues, and enhance team friendship and cohesion.
The following are some of the company’s activity records in recent years, including outdoor expansion activities in 2019, team building activities in 2021, dinner, karaoke, employee birthday activities in 2022-2023, 2023 International Women’s Day holiday welfare activities, monthly employee afternoon tea activities, employee commendation and incentive activities, and so on.
Full of laughter, we look forward to meeting you…

Spring 2019 Outdoor Activities

The year 2020

2021 Team Outward Bound Training Activities

Mid-year dinner in 2022

Employee Birthday Event 2022

2022 Year-end Dinner Party

2023 International Women’s Day Activities

Mid-year Dinner in 2023

2023 Year-end Dinner, Karaoke Activities

Monthly Afternoon Tea Event

Employee Commendation Event

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