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Capsule Castle

Super large capsule castle, full metal shell, 4 seats, 350 cm high, bright light up and down, can store more than 1000 120mm capsules in the capsule pool, the most bright capsule machine in the mall.


Weightaround 480KG
Standby Power405W
Running Power525W
Running Voltage110V/220V
Capsule Diameter110V/220V


  • Extra large , Full metal body case, 4 players position, 350cm extra high , Lights dazzling up &lower,can store more than 1000pcs of 120mm capsule in the capsule pool
  • Keku self-innovated PCB can be assured warranty
  • Various kinds of prize can be put inside of 120mm capsule, such as exquisite lipstick, IP gift,voucher, coupon, money changes ordinance, wireless blue tooth earphone, watch, necklace
  • LCD advertise display to create comprehensive interactive impulsion
  • Possible to win prize through checkpoints, token coin can used to buy capsuleinstead of play game, two game modes can be controlled at same time,
  • Payment options: coin, bill, e-payment, card reader
  • Turntable inside is compatible with 80mm-120mm capsule
  • PCB supports to display price & coin amount
  • Controlled by one mobile phone:Remote account checking, Remote data setting, Remote control machine working status, On-time control for machine owner, Convenient & Efficient!
  • Body case color,luminance.capsule size can be customized.

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