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YUJIANCHAO Central Island Machine

This is a large central crane claw machine, which can be applied to the central place of the site, and the four directions of the game can be played in the four doll machines, with atmospheric appearance and reliable quality. The top of the machine with 3D cubical overhead cover with high gloss luminous characters, very beautiful atmosphere


Standby Power390W
Running Power550W
Running Voltage110V/220V
Doll size5-7″


  • LUNGSENGDA main board Plus, LUNGSENGDA crane, standard M claw.
  • Full metal, square design, Cyberpunk purple to express deluxe, 4 players position as a whole, full transparent.
  • With prize display rack, rotary prize display window.
  • Hanging gift possible: 5-7” plush toy, blind box.
  • Full LCD control console, imported acrylic is not only beautiful, but also make operation simpler.
  • Play mode can be chose among safe mode, height mode,flail claw mode.
  • Controlled by one mobile phone:Remote account checking, Remote data setting, Remote control machine working status, On-time control for machine owner, Convenient & Efficient!
  • Body case color pattern、luminance can be customized.

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