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Champion Manufacturer Claw Machine

We are looking forward to doing business with you sincerely! We welcome customers all over the world to contact us or visit our company. Over the last few years, our company prides itself on a team of advanced technologies, ensuring high-quality to excellence. We will continue to carry forward the spirit of high quality, efficiency, innovation, integrity, innovation is our soul and spirit, we put you, the customer, first. With our cutting-edge production facilities, we assure the production of high-quality goods, we welcome all custom orders, each product has met the standards required for professional certification. We are looking forward to cooperating with you and providing our best services for you, as well as our champion manufacturer claw machine, Crane Claw machine, Capsule Machine. As a reliable and professional company, Keku Tech partners with skilled tech teams and offers the best solutions as well as champion manufacturer claw machine to global customers. Presently with the strategic moves, we’ve got decided to reach a broader audience. Our champion manufacturer claw machine will supply to many countries and areas, including East Asia, North Africa, Canada, New Zealand, etc.


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Champion Manufacturer Claw Machine Cut Down Cost

Looking for a reliable and budget-friendly claw machine manufacturer? Look no further! Keku Tech, as the champion manufacturer of claw machines, is here to meet all your needs.

Keku Tech: Your Trusted Partner

With years of experience in the industry, Keku Tech has become one of the big players in manufacturing claw machines. Our products have been widely recognized and trusted by customers worldwide. From Misue Ice City to clamp machine accounts, from city passwords to bubble Matt and hundreds of other well-known brands, our products have made their mark. We are proud that our products are not only sold across more than 30 provinces and autonomous regions but also exported to dozens of countries including the United States, Australia, France, Russia, Malaysia, Brazil, Kazakhstan and many more.

We take pride in receiving positive feedback from our users who appreciate the quality and performance of our machines!

In addition to top-notch products, we offer a reliable sales support team with extensive knowledge about our factory and business operations. Feel free to contact us directly; we will respond promptly to any inquiries you may have.

our professional design team can help create a unique style playground that will make your establishment stand out among competitors. Whether you prefer an OEM or ODM approach for customization purposes – we welcome it all!

For over 20 years since its establishment,
Keku Tech has remained committed to research and development activities along with production services related specifically to Claw machines and Capsule machines.
We strive for excellence at every step!

The Champion Manufacturer Claw Machine

If you’re looking for a high-quality claw machine that combines innovation with affordability – look no further than our champion manufacturer claw machine. Our machines are designed to provide an exciting and immersive gaming experience for players of all ages.

Equipped with advanced technology, our claw machines offer precise control and a strong grip, ensuring that players have a fair chance at winning their desired prizes. The durability and reliability of our machines make them ideal for both commercial establishments and personal use.

Unleash the Fun

With our champion manufacturer claw machine, you can unleash the fun in your establishment or event. Whether it’s an arcade, shopping mall, family entertainment center, or even a birthday party – our machines will keep everyone entertained for hours on end.

The versatility of our claw machines allows you to customize them according to your specific requirements. From adjusting the difficulty level to selecting different prize options – we’ve got you covered!


YUJIANCHAO Central Island Machine

This is a large central crane claw machine, which can be applied to the central place of the site, and the four directions of the game can be played in the four doll machines, with atmospheric appearance and reliable quality. The top of the machine with 3D cubical overhead cover with high gloss luminous characters, very beautiful atmosphere


Standby Power390W
Running Power550W
Running Voltage110V/220V
Doll size5-7″
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YUJIANCHAO Luxury Version For 2 players

Full metal body case,all-round to show prize,Cyberpunk purple for outstanding luxury looking.Very popular with young men and women, It’s perfect for shopping malls, playgrounds, and street markets.


Standby Power270W
Running Power450W
Running Voltage110V/220V
Capsule Diameter5-12″
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This is full metal, purple and white match, Light surround crane claw machine,looks more beautiful Upper and lower two layers, two gift options, for two players to grab at the same time It’s perfect for shopping malls, playgrounds, and street markets


Standby Power165W
Running Power200W
Running Voltage110V/220V
Doll size4-9
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YUJIANCHAO Luxury Version

High transparent light panel, energy saving, super body case, vast face to show prize Blind,gift,plush are suitable, extra storage space to enable convenient re-fill.A popular smart claw crane machine in various malls and markets.


Standby Power150W
Running Power240W
Running Voltage110V/220V
Doll Size5-12″
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This is Full metal body case, strong & durable, transparent body, beautiful & tasty outlook crane claw machine . Has a bright and attractive appearance that appeals to customers.,It’s perfect for shopping malls, playgrounds, and street markets.


Standby Power135W
Running Power225W
Running Voltage110V/220V
Doll size5-12″
Colorpale purple
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YUJIANCHAO 4 Players Mini 1.0

This popular children’s mini crane claw machine has a bright and attractive appearance that appeals to customers. It’s perfect for shopping malls, playgrounds, and street markets. The four-person design can accommodate multiple users simultaneously, resulting in a four fold increase in revenue.


Standby Power210W
Running Power330W
Running Voltage110V/220V
Doll size4″
Colorpale purple
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Champion Manufacturer Claw Machine Cut Down Cost



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More About Champion Manufacturer Claw Machine

We’re delighted to introduce you to Keku Tech, have a look at the most top-quality champion manufacturer claw machine here! Keku Tech has a long history and experience of providingchampion manufacturer claw machine, which means we are effective and seasoned. We have a rich history of involvement in this market, which has enabled us to build a sizeable workforce, manage a large factory, and sustain a high monthly production capacity. Our champion manufacturer claw machine are the best. Our champion manufacturer claw machine meet the highest standards of quality thanks to rigorous testing protocols, standardized production methods, and comprehensive quality control. Moreover, as a seasoned, we have multiple experience of champion manufacturer claw machine and have gain great reputation. We have established collaborations with a multitude of associates from different nations. Our primary sales areas cover almost every corner of the world. We always believe that your request is our command!If you are looking for a worthy buying alley, consider us right now!


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