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Claw Crane Vending Machine

Now, with the desire to expand our business, we’ve got decided to extend business to overseas market. Our claw crane vending machine will supply to many countries and areas, including East Asia, North Africa, Canada, New Zealand, etc. Over the past few years, our factory prides itself on a team of integrated advanced technologies, delivering excellence. We are looking forward to cooperating with you and providing our best services for you, as well as our claw crane vending machine, Crane Claw machine, Capsule Machine. We offer companies product with great price and premium quality, providing best products for our customers is our work, we put you, the customer, first. Give us a chance and we will prove our capability. For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact with us. Our experienced R&D team is here to provide you with professional support, tailoring production according to your needs is fine, each product has been professionally certified to meet industry standards. Keku Tech has already had a lot of top factories and qualified technology teams in China, offering the best claw crane vending machine and services to worldwide customers.


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Claw Crane Vending Machine Cut Down Cost

Looking for a fun and profitable addition to your business? Look no further than the Claw Crane Vending Machine by Keku Tech! This innovative machine combines the excitement of a claw crane game with the convenience of a vending machine, making it an instant hit among customers.

The Perfect Attraction for All Ages

This popular children’s capsule machine has a bright and attractive appearance that appeals to customers of all ages. Whether you’re at a shopping mall, playground, or street market, this eye-catching vending machine is sure to draw attention. Its six-person design allows multiple users to play simultaneously, doubling revenue potential in comparison to traditional single-player machines.

This popular children’s mini crane claw machine also boasts an appealing appearance that attracts customers from all walks of life. It fits perfectly in various locations such as shopping malls, playgrounds, and street markets. With its four-person design allowing multiple users at once, it can generate up to four times more revenue compared to single-player machines.

Our full metal purple and white match Light Surround Crane Claw Machine takes attractiveness one step further with its stunning design. The surprise gift window adds an element of anticipation for players while enhancing the overall visual appeal.

A Game That Keeps Customers Coming Back

The Claw Crane Vending Machine offers an exciting gaming experience that keeps customers coming back for more. Players can test their skills by maneuvering the claw to grab prizes ranging from small toys to valuable items like electronics or gift cards. With each attempt costing only a few coins or tokens, it provides affordable entertainment that encourages repeat plays.

Increase Revenue with Customizable Options

Keku Tech understands that every business has unique needs and preferences. That’s why our Claw Crane Vending Machine offers customizable options to suit your specific requirements. From adjusting the difficulty level of the game to selecting different prize categories, you have full control over how you want to attract and engage customers.

A Global Trend with Promising Returns

The popularity of claw crane vending machines is not limited to a single region or market. This global trend has been embraced by businesses worldwide due to its high revenue potential and customer appeal. By investing in a Claw Crane Vending Machine from Keku Tech, you can tap into this lucrative market and stay ahead of the competition.

Conclusion: A Winning Combination

The Claw Crane Vending Machine by Keku Tech combines fun, excitement, and profitability into one innovative product. With its attractive design, multiplayer capability, customizable options, and global appeal, it’s no wonder that businesses are flocking towards this tech trend. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your business with this winning combination!


Lucky Capsule Machine

Full metal body case, simple & fashion outlook, classic red & white color Super large transparent prize display, super face to display capsule, super allure. It’s perfect for shopping malls, playgrounds, and street markets.


Standby Power80W
Running Power94W
Running Voltage110V/220V
Capsule Diameter80-120mm
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YUJIANCHAO Luxury Version

High transparent light panel, energy saving, super body case, vast face to show prize Blind,gift,plush are suitable, extra storage space to enable convenient re-fill.A popular smart claw crane machine in various malls and markets.


Standby Power150W
Running Power240W
Running Voltage110V/220V
Doll Size5-12″
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This is full metal, purple and white match, Light surround crane claw machine, looks more beautiful With a surprise gift window, you can get the key to open the lock, more eye-catching It’s perfect for shopping malls, playgrounds, and street markets.


Standby Power145W
Running Power170W
Running Voltage110V/220V
Doll size4-9″
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YUJIANCHAO Freedom Version

Metal + wood to enhance body strength, equipped with neon cubical frame lights

Double acrylic prize display on the back, abundant lights to show prize facial attractiveness

Super storage space is suitable for 4-5 pack of plush toy


Standby Power150W
Running Power240W
Running Voltage110V/220V
Capsule Diameter5-12″
ColorPale Green
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KeKu Baby 4.0

The 1st machine can play with capsule & card together in the world


Standby Power120W
Running Power135W
Running Voltage110V/220V
Capsule Diameter32-65mm
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Capsule Toys Machine 6.0

This popular children’s capsule machine has a bright and attractive appearance that appeals to customers. It’s perfect for shopping malls, playgrounds, and street markets. The six-person design can accommodate multiple users simultaneously, resulting in a six fold increase in revenue.


Standby Power252W
Running Power270W
Running Voltage110V/220V
Capsule Diameter45-50mm(Upper)、50-70mm(Lower)
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Claw Crane Vending Machine Cut Down Cost


Claw Vending Machine For Sale

  Claw Vending Machine For Sale The production process is highest standard with a professional quality control, all customized orders are acceptable, our OEM-standard products successfully undergoes professional certification. We

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Mini Dinosaur Claw Machine

  Mini Dinosaur Claw Machine We are eager to cooperate with foreign companies which care much on the high standard, competitive prices, organizational reputation. Our mini dinosaur claw machine will

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Doll Claw Machine

  Doll Claw Machine In recent times, our factory prides itself on a team of cutting-edge technologies, ensuring high-quality to excellence. We are looking forward to cooperating with you and

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Christmas Claw Machine

  Christmas Claw Machine As a reliable and professional company, Keku Tech partners with skilled tech teams and offers the best solutions as well as christmas claw machine to global

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More About Claw Crane Vending Machine

Embrace the experience of Keku Tech, have a look at the most top-performance claw crane vending machine here! Keku Tech has a long history and experience of providingclaw crane vending machine, which means we are qualified and senior. With a lengthy track record in this market, we have developed a substantial workforce, operate a spacious factory, and sustain a strong monthly production output. Our claw crane vending machine are highly recommended. Quality assurance is our top priority, and we achieve it through the implementation of strict testing standards, adherence to standardized production processes, and the practice of comprehensive quality management for our claw crane vending machine. Moreover, as a senior, we have a vast number of experience of claw crane vending machine and have gain great reputation. We have affiliations with innumerable partners from various countries. Our primary sales regions extend to virtually all corners of the world. We always believe that your request is our command!If you are looking for a innovative collaborator, consider us right now!


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